026: Janak Joshi: Converging HealthCare – Data Protection Gumbo

In episode 26, Janak Joshi discuss the shift of data requirements in HealthCare and how the effectiveness of analytics and information flow is converging.

024: DATOSiO: Part 2, Why Do You Need to Protect a Distributed Database? – Data Protection Gumbo

In episode 24, Jeannie Liou, Shalabh Goyal, and Jeff Marinstein discuss how to solve new data management challenges for cloud and big data databases, so that enterprises can confidently deploy and scale their applications without worrying about data loss.

023: DATOSiO: Part 1, Why Data Protection for Distributed Databases? – Data Protection Gumbo

n episode 23, Jeannie Liou and Shalabh Goyal discuss why data protection for distributed databases is critical to success in this world of cloud and big data.

019: HPE: How to Spice Up Your Data Protection Environment – Data Protection Gumbo

In episode 19, Stephen Spellicy and Gagan Bhatia of Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, provide details of HPE’s Data Protection portfolio and how you can Spice Up your Data Protection environment.