032: Data Protection Gumbo – Season 2: Episode 5 – Jedidiah Yueh: Getting Deduped – How to Invent a Billion Dollar Data Protection Product

Jedidiah Yueh – Founder / Executive Chairman of Delphix discusses how Avamar deduplication technology was developed into one of the hottest technologies in the data storage and backup industry.

028: Data Protection Gumbo – Season 2: Episode 1 – The Data Protection Diet

Like a weight loss plan; everyone including consumers need a solid data protection or personal disaster recovery plan. So before you can create a solid personal data protection plan you need to consider going on what I call a Data Protection diet.

Why do we go on diets in the first place?

024: DATOSiO: Part 2, Why Do You Need to Protect a Distributed Database? – Data Protection Gumbo

In episode 24, Jeannie Liou, Shalabh Goyal, and Jeff Marinstein discuss how to solve new data management challenges for cloud and big data databases, so that enterprises can confidently deploy and scale their applications without worrying about data loss.